An Unlimited Space Agency project

Software Development by Nick Sidhu and Matt Collins
UX Consultant: Dean Vipond
raphic Design by Lee Goater
Sound design by Elena Pena
Operations Manager: Alison McIntyre
Producer: Christie Hill
Executive Producer: Tessa Gordziejko
Creative Direction by Jon Spooner

Lesson Plans written by Bryony Turford and Jon Spooner
in collaboration with senior staff from Royal Observatory Greenwich, The Met Office, The European Space Agency, Young Rewired State, The British Science Association and The Science Museum

Camera Direction and Editing by Lucia Helenka
Art Direction by Hannah Sibai
Sound design by Elena Pena
Stage management by Simon Perkins
Produced by Christie Hill
Written and directed by Jon Spooner
Filmed at Chromacode Studios, London

UNSA Agents: Isabel Holsborough, Jaekwan Hunte-Jarrett, Zara Thorlby, Sally Dagger, Oliver Spooner, Ruari Spooner